Our Vision

By 2018 to become one of the world's largest manufacturers of hangers.

To believe in ourselves to develop continuous improvements and to work hard to provide better quality, services and prices.

To economically live and to run fast.

Our Mission

To be modern, democratic and capable of providing scientific and rational expansions; to capture the era perfectly in dealing with developed countries and a peaceful future; and to be committed to our people in acquiring vocational training and quality income housing.

To be open to innovation, advancing confidently into the future, having the task of spreading around the bright light of innovation and the principle of it always walking ahead, always to be a company that has forced itself forward.

To create individuals who are committed to contribute to the country's economy.

Our Values

  • Being customer-oriented
  • Altruistic Work
  • Being open to continuous improvement
  • Serving a common goal
  • Being honest, straight-forward and building modest relationships
  • Using our resources effectively
  • Creating a healthy work platform