Good quality or Reasonable Price?
22 Jan

Good quality or Reasonable Price?

By Aslıhan Şahin Affordable Hanger, Quality Hanger

"I would like to buy garment hangers for my store in Osmanbey. But, I have difficulty to decide. I want to make my store trendy, but I have a limited budget and I have no idea about the price range," says my friend Mine Kuzey.

All of the answers she looks for are here: The price range of hangers that you can use in your store range between 0.15 and 10.00TL. If your need is 5000 pcs. of hangers, I can present you alternatives from 750TL to 50,000TL. This is a huge price range… Let me tell you how this can occur.

The most expensive hangers that you can use in your store are wooden hangers. It is hard to produce these hangers and prices are high, but they will give warmth to your store. You can provide the same effect with colorful plastic hangers. The important point is not to skip print applications that will label your brand. It is important to choose plastic hangers with suitable colors to the concept of your store. Colors of your furniture and walls help you to choose your hanger colors. If you can’t afford this, the most economical way is to use recycled black plastic hangers. But please insist on labeling your brand on your hangers. This will be an affordable advertisement. Especially, if you give these hangers to your customers with the product(s) they buy, it will help to keep your brand name in the customer’s mind.

Let’s come to the answer of your question: what is the price range of hangers? Good quality wooden hangers cost between 3TL and 10TL. The same quality and appearance plastic hangers are going to cost between 0.50TL and 1.50TL. It is possible to find reasonably priced hangers between 0.15TL and 0.50TL.

My friend Mine Kuzey decided to buy beige hangers with golden hooks with the information I shared with her. And to project her brand, she used domed labels.

Aslıhan Şahin

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